Avonside Parish has a graveyard, with a grassed space in the middle of it where the church once stood.

On this page we will aim to provide links or documents that you may be interested in.

Fallen gravestones are now set into concrete bases, columbarium plaques repaired or replaced.

Richard Greenaway has prepared a document Avonside Parish Cemetery that documents notable features of the cemetery.  Richard and Christchurch City Libraries have kindly given permission for this information to be included on this website.

The old church site has been sown with grass.

A stone cross, once over the north door of the old church, has been erected on the site of the old church.  This is how it now looks.

If you have any enquiries re the graveyard or columbarium plots availability, please contact Colleen on phone 389 6948 or email

The cross from above the north door of the old church

The cross from above the north door of the old church


Later additions to this page may include:

  • Map of graveyard
  • Guidelines for families of those interred in graveyard (graves or columbariums)

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