On this page you’ll find the latest updates on happenings since we lost our church following the earthquakes and our further steps to rebuilding our church.

March 2020:  The carpark is being repaired before the new building commences.

March 2020:  Tenders are out!   Work will commence soon.

February 2020:  Resource Consent has been granted!

May 2019:    The building team met with the architect for a very positive meeting.  After 18 months of waiting, progress is now under way.  There will be a parish meeting in the near future to accept the plans.

November 2018:   We have been informed that our rebuild can now go ahead.   Plans of the new church are on the wall of the St Francis Hall.

December 2017:   The new building was put on hold.

June 2015:  Alterations have been made to St Francis Hall.  The Vicar has a new office at the back of the hall.   There is new carpet, a complete repaint, a new kitchen, a lovely warm heat pump, an electronic organ, a sound system, and a data projector.   We can fit more people into the hall now and other groups can rent the space too.

August 2013:  Bishop Victoria attended a vestry meeting and suggested we obtain a portacom or similar temporary building.

May 2013:  A request has been made to Standing Committee and has been referred by Bishop Victoria to CPT.

April 2013:  The church site was been sown with grass and looks much improved.

August 2012:   We had a brief look at possibility of relocating the existing Waikari church onto our site – there’s a possibility that it may not needed at Waikari.  A lovely building but only just big enough for us.  They seem unlikely to let it go.

Vestry resolved that a new church would be erected on site, or an existing church relocated.  A subcommittee is being set up for the purpose.

June 2012:  Plans are being prepared to grass-over the site of the church.  Preparation work should begin soon, with grass seed to be sown as spring arrives.

April 2012:  The diocesan synod this month is to discuss insurance issues.  Very significant for rebuilding plans!

March 2012:  Some Land adjacent to the church in Avonside Drive and Stanmore Rd declared ‘red’.  This land won’t be rebuilt on.  We are more visible from the roads.

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